Welcome back to our CTA audit guide! You’ve got your CTAs listed and checked their clarity, placement, design, and consistency. Now, let’s ensure they’re performing at their best and see if your audience is truly clicking through.

6. Performance Metrics:
Dive into analytics to see how your CTAs are doing. Look at click-through and conversion rates to identify which ones might need a bit of tweaking.
7. User Feedback:
Sometimes the best insights come directly from your audience. Use surveys or feedback tools to get their take on your CTAs – are they compelling enough to click?
8. Competitor Comparison:
Take a sneak peek at your competitors’ CTAs. It’s not about copying but learning from what works for them that might work for you too.

Wrapping Up:
This two-part CTA audit is your first step towards making your website not just a destination but a journey that inspires action at every turn. With these tips, you’re well on your way to transforming those CTAs into your site’s most persuasive elements. Ready to give your CTAs the attention they deserve and watch your engagement soar? 🚀

Have you done your own audit yet?