In the past two months, several exciting trends have emerged in the design and website development fields, indicating a vibrant direction for 2024. Here’s a roundup of the most noteworthy trends:

  1. Motion Collage and Surrealism: Design is moving towards more animated, collage-based aesthetics and embracing surrealism. This trend is about combining different elements, such as cutouts and scrapbook-like visuals, with movement to create engaging and dynamic compositions. Surrealism, with its fantastical and ethereal qualities, is making a comeback, appealing to younger generations’ desire for individuality and expressionism. This trend is marked by unexpected juxtapositions and a sense of otherworldliness​​.
  2. Barbie’s Pink and Vibrant Colours: The influence of the Barbie movie has led to a resurgence of vivid candy Colours and playful shapes in design, particularly a push towards vibrant and saturated Colours. This trend is not just about aesthetics but also stands out in branding and marketing, where bold, eye-catching Colours can make a significant impact​​.
  3. Experimental Typography and Illustration: There’s a growing trend towards experimental fonts and animated illustrations, including the rise of logo mascots. This approach is all about adding a unique and personal touch to brands, making them more relatable and engaging for the audience. The focus is on creativity and breaking away from traditional typography to captivate international audiences​​.
  4. AI Design Tools: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the design process, offering tools that can significantly reduce design timelines and costs while enabling more personalized user experiences. AI is seen as a companion that enhances creativity rather than replacing it, supporting the entire design workflow​​​​.
  5. Web Design Trends: Key web design trends include a return to skeuomorphism, which mimics real-world counterparts for a more intuitive user experience, and the resurgence of parallax scrolling, now enriched with live and video content for a more dynamic visual experience. Additionally, kinetic typography is becoming more interactive, elevating text to an engaging visual element within web design​​.

These trends highlight a blend of nostalgia and innovation, with a strong focus on personalization, engagement, and utilizing technology to enhance creativity and efficiency in design and web development.

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