I know designs may seem effortless and fun compared to most careers but the reason it looks so good and effortless is because we have spent years studying, days on research and hours of practicing. 

Below are 10 points on what NOT to say to offend your Graphic Designer:

1. “We haven’t finished writing the copy, but can you design a draft?”

2. “Can I get you to do something really quick?”

3. “Can you put it in a format that we can edit?”

4. “Can you do something that looks exactly like [this other designer’s work]?”

5. “Can I send my logo as a Word Document?”

6. [It is 4pm and we get an email that says] “Can you design this by tomorrow morning?” 

7. [in the middle of a project] “By the way, I’ll need these other related items in addition to the initial design. Can you do that?”

8. “Can you just get the logo off our website?”

9. “I can’t pay you, but you’ll get a lot of exposure. Is that ok?”

10. “You are the designer, you know what to do.”