Many people wonder what the difference is between art, technology and design and the relationship between them. First you must know – technology makes possibilities, design makes solutions and art makes questions.

There is no definition for art as art is constantly changing especially with it’s relationship with technology. Everything around us is considered art because it was designed by someone to have a specific look and feel. Art may have a message to portray to a viewer or it may be used solely to accomplish other tasks. Technology is often thought up by either a person or group of people to make lives easier. Design is the realisation of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing, model, mould, pattern, plan or specification. So how do technology, art and design relate?

I did art as a child which consisted mostly of painting and craft until I studied Art and Culture with specialisation in Multimedia for my degree. My works consisted mostly of videos and but as I progressed to my Masters in Media Art, it was there that I finally started looking into Art, Technology and Design as one. I was infatuated with Augmented realities so as my final piece namely, White Noise, I used art, technology and design to prove a point to me and viewers that can these three be separated or does art and technology equal design?

White Noise was exhibited at the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. It was based on me as a child with hearing difficulties.So you would enter this dark space, have white noise playing and a spotlight on a kaleidoscope which was placed on a tall, white wooden Display box. People could pick up this kaleidoscope but the sound would immediately switch off, lights come on and the projector showed an illustration on the adjacent wall. You could look through the kaleidoscope and have fun but as soon as the kaleidoscope was put down everything would switch off, spotlight on and white noise starts to play.

I passed with High Merit but was approached that maybe that Graphic Design is my way forward as I do so well with technology and art. So does that answer my question that design is a combination of art and technology and if so then why is Graphic design considered by most to not be a work of art?

Today, millions of people around  the world own their own computer and they use it for a variety of uses. Even though there are still artists using the traditional pencil to paper or paint to canvas, a large number of artists today use the computer to produce art for a variety of purposes including; movies, website design, video games, or even just to look at.

In terms of my own relationship between art, technology and design, I use all three every day as a Graphic Designer. Using Adobe Photoshop, I can not only manipulate images to look like something real, but I can also create a beautiful abstract art work without having to go out and buy paints and a canvas. Besides Photoshop, the possibilities are endless. From editing a video on After Effects to creating my website using Muse to designing a Companies branding on Indesign and Illustrator.